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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Been busy with stuff, and some other things so not much time for blogging. Still getting some runs in but not as much as I had hoped to. I've given up on the Iroquois 100 this September, no way that I can get enough training in over the next 6 weeks. I had thought about the 50 miler at Iroquois but not sure that I want to travel all that way. The two rough races that I've had this year (Muddy Moose and Escarpment) have made me think a little more cautiously about committing to any long race where there's potential for hot weather.

So my "plan" has been revised, it no longer includes a 100 miler. Instead I'll try to have as much fun running as possible, and slip in some 50 miler training while I'm at it.

Speaking of fun, last weekend while most people around here were running the Beach to Beacon, or wishing they were, the Trail Monsters took part in the first ever Bitch to Bacon trail run. No time to write anything worth reading, so check out Snowman's blog. I'm pretty sure we had more fun, and more coffee brandy than anyone who participated in the Beach to Beacon. And donuts stuffed with bacon... there aren't words to describe the joy's of trail running.

So what could have been just a 4.something mile run ended up being about 7.5 miles (following a 4.5 mile warm-up with Emma and Carter).

On Sunday Emma and I went to Bradbury to lead the monthly trail maintenance day. We were joined by 10 National Guard troops (thank you Four for calling in the National Guard) a few other Trail Monsters and a couple bikers. Since the Breaker is coming up soon I wanted to focus our efforts on the neglected east side trails that make up the race course.

We worked to drain a section of trail that has been thick mud for the past 10 years and reroute the trail around it, build a bridge over a stream crossing and reroute a section of trail that was outside of the park boundary.

I've got a some good runs planned for this weekend so hopefully I have the time to document them...


Sparkplug said...

Nice work with the bridge building!! Looks great.

Aurora said...

So you complained on Facebook about people writing "your awesome", yet you said "the joy's of running"... =P