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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Half Breaker

This past Saturday I had originally planned to go up to Sunday River to do some mountain running on the course of the Mountain Epic race planned for this fall, but when I found out that a family reunion had been scheduled for Saturday I decided to do a local run so I could spend time with my family.

Since it's the week before the Breaker I thought there might be a few people interested in running the course so that's what I planned to do. Mindy and Valerie decided to run the Scuffle course, Carter, Don and Susannah joined me on the mountain. Although I knew that I needed to save something for a long run/hike planned for Sunday I let myself get a little carried away with the pace, and none of the people running with me were about to tell me slow down.

Carter and I were flying on the downhills, I think I could hear him giggling behind me he was having so much fun. I have no idea how he manages to run so fast on technical downhills wearing Vibram Five Fingers. As we were making our way up the summit trail I called out to the others: "anyone who can run all the way to the summit will get $5 off their entry fee to the race". Susannah and Don made it all the way up running so I will honor my promise if they choose to race, I hope they do!

More fast running on the Tote Road, I was feeling good. The Switchback Trail coming down from the summit was a little hard to follow, I know the way but it will need goo marking for the race. It's hard to run this fast with all the sharp turns but we did a pretty good job of it. When we got to the bottom and I looked at my watch I was a little surprised. We did the first lap of the race course in 40 minutes, which is pretty close to the time it took me to race it last year. Oops. Perhaps a little too fast. For fear that I was going to wear myself before Sunday's long run I decided not to do another lap of the Breaker course, and everyone else agreed that heading across the road for slower, flatter miles would be a good idea.

time: 1:06:50
distance: 7.18 miles
pace: 9:19

weather: perfect

conditions: perfect

gear: Inov-8 Mudroc 280, Wright Socks, shorts, t-shirt, hat


neridgerunner said...

Hi Ian,

What type of watch are you using to measure your runs? I have a Garmin 405 Forerunner and it has been a little off on trail races. The 25K at Pineland my watch was off 1 mile and my watch read 5.75 at the Bradbury Scuffle. The Garmin bezel can be sensitive and a computer virus has killed my ant stick. Well I will see you at the Bradbury Breaker this Sunday!!
Joe Wagnis

Trail Monster Running said...

Hey Joe,

I also use the Garmin 405. Rubbish. I miss my 305, I felt that it was much more accurate. I have always found my 405 to be shorter on distance compared to other people I run with who use the 305. I am confident that the trail races I organize are at least as long as the advertised (possible more), but I never totally trust Garmin GPS watches to measure trail distances. See you Sunday!