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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 10 Mile Recovery Run

Emma and I have a tendency to do 10 mile road runs the day after long trail runs. I think I've gone through this before, not really a recovery run, more like extended training, or back-to-back long runs, although I don't really consider 10 miles to be a long run any more.

We decided to go to Falmouth and check out some of the roads that will be in our neighborhood when we move in a few weeks.

Lately I've been doing all my road runs in my fast shoes, Saucony Grid Sinister. The first few times I wore them earlier this year I ended up with strange pains in my legs following the runs and I had pretty much given up on wearing them, but over the past few months I have been making an effort to incorporate barefoot running into my weekly runs, and have been doing a few runs in Vibram Five Fingers so these leightweight, low to the ground Saucony's are part of the whole move to a more minimalist approach to footwear (which Inov-8 is part of) and everything seems to be going well for me now. Emma is also jumping on the minimalist bandwagon and just picked up a pair of Asics Speedstar. Not the most minimal road shoe but she's weening herself off of fat cushiony shoes and orthotics so it seems like a good transition shoe for her (sans orthotics).

The first few strides of our run were a bit creaky but it didn't take long to get warmed up. The weather was perfect, sunny and cool. Two miles into the run we came across Falmouth High School and decided to check out their track. Probably the slowest 400m we've ever run, and probably the first time I've set foot on a track in the past 7 years. Nice to know it's going to be close by if I ever get the urge to run on a track, although I don't know why I would when I've got many miles of trails and hills that are even closer.

There were a few good hills on the loop we ran, nothing major but enough to keep it interesting.

time: 1:29:28
distance: 10.44 miles
pace: 8:34

weather: mid 60's, sunny, very nice

gear: Saucony Grid Sinister, Wright Socks, shorts, t-shirt, hat, Fuel Belt


middle.professor said...

Yup, didn't take you long to find the most scenic and least travelled loop in the area (although I tend to run Brook Rd. both ways and avoid the traffic on Leighton Rd).

Yak Hunter said...

This may be a little random but your run looks like K9 off the old Dr. Who series!

Gnarls said...

I can see it now Mary, well spotted, it is a definite sign that we must get a dog. We had a lot of fun with you and Peter, glad you could make it over.

middle.professor said...

Hah, it's a bearded collie. Wicked funny. Good spot.

Yak Hunter said...

We're both a bit sad that we can't run at twin brook on a Tuesday and then our session back here on a Wednesday. Maybe we need to hire a cottage and come for a month next time. Peter could do a certain amount of his work on-line and I could research psychiatric hospitals...or something...I bet I could get a grant.
Missing you!