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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muddy Moose - Short Report

That was one of my worst performances ever.

After a good first mile at about a 7:24 pace everything fell apart and I suffered for the rest of the race. The good thing is that the race is about a mile shorter than advertised according to my Garmin (and several other peoples) which meant there were only 12 miles to suffer through.

No biomechanical problems, just a lack of readiness for the heat which resulted in no energy.

There were some hills.

And lots of mud, you wouldn't know it to look at this photo of me approaching the finish line, but Erik shot some great video that proves just how muddy it was. I'll post the video when I get around to editing it.

I wish I could say a good time was had by all but those of us standing above all suffered to some degree. Congrats to Jeff for winning his age group in the 14 miler and to Shauna for finishing 2nd female in the 4 miler.

time: 2:14:57
distance: "14 miles" (13.1 miles)
pace: very slow
place: 43/123 - 35%


Thanks to Jim, Shauna and Danielle for letting me reuse and consolidate their photos.


Jamie said...

Revenge will be yours.

Aurora said...

This whole heat thing is lame. I vote ice age. The nice thing about the ice age is it wasn't all ice... a lot of it was spring or fall type weather. Anyways, sorry about your race. Blame the weatherman.

middle.professor said...

I second ice age. Ski season will last longer...

Trail Pixie said...

That was quite an initiation into summer! You ran about my time from two years ago when it was 40 degrees out! The mileage I clocked in that year was 12.5 miles. This year the Garmin said 13 miles. Either way no denying the hill(s), the heat, and the yummy mud. Wasn't that stretch of devastated hurricane land wild!? Nice job in the heat. You passed the test! ;-)

Nick said...

Cool Blog. Love the header about pavement. You got that right!