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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grossest Feet?

Probably not. But it's worth a shot.

I received an e-mail newsletter from Inov-8 this week, they are holding a Grossest Feet contest:

Grossest feet contest
Mail us a pair of your stinkiest socks or e-mail an image of your bruised and battered feet after a 10 mile run. Three lucky runners with the grossest feet will win a free pair of shoes. (The f-lite 300, flyroc 310, roclite 315, roclite 282, or terroc 308.)

Also, inov-8's warehouse holds a number of shoes without boxes that we are selling at up to half-off rates. If you're interested in the range of styles available that may fit you, e-mail with your shoe size.

I'm in need of some new shoes so I figured it's worth a shot at trying to get some free ones.

I wasn't sure what I'd be up for today since I did a long run on Thursday, and my knee has been bothering me a bit since slipping on the ice and falling on it earlier in the week. I came prepared to go long if need be but decided I would wait to see what other folks were up to. When I arrived at Bradbury at 8 Jamie, Stephen and Blaine, were already out running (4 miles). They returned in time to meet me and Lily and I think it was Stephen who suggested we head out on the 15-ish mile loop that we had run a few weeks before.

This time we decided to run the loop in a clockwise direction which meant a lot of steep ups and downs early in the run and more gradual hills at the end. We kept the pace pretty conservative, as would be expected for a long run. Lily turned at about 3 miles to bring Echo back to puppy class, Jamie turned at about 4 miles which would get him into double digits for the day, and I carried on around the loop with Blaine and Stephen.

It turned out to be a beautiful morning and we were lucky that snowmobiles had been out last night over the entire loop. Thursday's storm continued into early Friday and had it not been for our late night groomers this loop wouldn't have been possible to run.

My knee was sore during the middle portion of the run but by 11 miles it felt fine. Overall I had good energy and didn't feel like I was recovering from Thursday's long run. Not sure exactly what the point is of all this long running but I'm having fun so I'll keep it up.

time: 2:23:17
distance: 14.69 miles
pace: 9:45

weather: 9-24 degrees (didn't feel that cold), mostly sunny, calm

conditions: packed snow, soft in some places

gear: Inov-8 Roclite 315 with screws, wool socks, tights, t-shirt, 2x long sleeve tops, gloves, mittens, buff, Camelbak Magic


Jamie said...

Good luck in the contest, no doubt you'll be a contender.

Nice to see a map of the entire loop. Perhaps next time.

Aurora said...

Men in our family have insanely gross feet. You'll probably be very close to winning.