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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You Know What To Do


Jamie said...

Hopefully by tonight we'll once again be proud to be Americans. Go Obama!

Dan said...

You should always be a proud American no matter who is president. Is there any better place to live? If there was, why would so many people from so many countries want to come here? I don't see them beating down the doors to get into Russia, China, Germany or France.

Gnarls said...

I can say as a British citizen who now lives in America, by electing George Bush twice Americans have demonstrated to the world that they make poor choices in determining their leaders. Obama as President will guarantee other countries respect. As a European I can say that people want to live in Europe which is composed of countries that have equal or greater freedom than America and are a much more tolerant society. If Obama gets in then maybe my friends will come and visit me since they didn't want to come near the place while Bush was President.

Dan said...

I thought this was a running blog but........Thoughout history, people all over the world, not just Americans, have made poor choices in determining their leaders in some elections. Hitler would be a prime example.

There is much to dislike about Bush's foreign policy and I understand European's preference for Obama over McCain. Obama is a socialist, and socialism is practiced in many European coutries. It's not my cup of tea but it's none of my business how these countires are governed nor who the people elect.

Emma, your Brit friends should not have stayed away if they wanted to see you. I've met you and you're not anything like George Bush! :-) Neither are most "regular" Americans. Besides, they shouldn't worry so much about the US. England has some serious issues of it's own to deal with.

If you figured out I didn't vote for Obama you're right. Hey, it's not rocket science! If you think I voted for McCain, you're wrong. Neither of these candidates addressed any of my major concerns, foreign or domestic. Too bad there isn't a strong third party in this country.

I could on forever, but I won't. I need to get ready for work. We can talk about this some more in person after Stone Cat if you want, or not. Either way, it will be good to see you there and I wish you and Ian a good race.

One last thought to consider:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take it all away."

Pathfinder said...

I wish I could show the excitement of the bloggers here but unfortunately they seem to have trouble grasping what we have done. You see our political parties in this country are a mess. Dems or Reps do not have the right agenda and in the past because they were split in goverment, there were checks and balances that kept each party from steering too far left or too far right....this brings us somewhat closer to the middle which is where we need to be.

The fact that we have elected a democratic president, the house has a democratic majority and we are on the cusp of having a cloture which means the democrates have full control of the congress by having 60 seats.

What this creates is a free ride for them to do what ever they want with out checks and balances....that is what is scary

One party should not have so much power....I think the changes people hoped for are going to be very far from what they think.

Jamie said...
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Dan said...

Pathfinder, I have to agree with you. The Constitution was written to have these build in checks and balances between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government. Our founding fathers were wise enough to understand that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Many of our Supreme Court justices are VERY old or in poor health so this President will most likely have an opportunity to appoint 1-3 justices during his term in office. He certainly will appoint individuals that share his ideals and values. This is to be expected. All past presidents have done this. The problem I see with this is that we will be adding a left leaning Supreme Court to a far left President and lefty Congress. Where are the checks and balances in this scenario? Most people are not far right or far left. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, the moderate candidates in both parties never do well in the primaries and can’t secure their party’s nomination. I don’t understand why the far left and right candidates are always victorious, but they are. So now, to the Victor goes the spoils. Be careful what you wish for.

Ian, see what you started! Seriously, I think it’s great that we can have this discussion here as long as people can RESPECTFULLY disagree.