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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aqua Slam

Since Emma is still dealing with knee problems resulting from running her ass off in the VT50 like 8 weeks ago she isn't doing much running and is spending more time at the gym. On Tuesday she went to Aqua Slam class at the Y and I went to Twin Brook for my own Aqua Slam. It had been raining hard all day and I knew that the usually moist trails at Twin Brook would be severely flooded, but Jim reminded me that Trail Monsters never call off a run because of the weather:

Neither rain nor sleet, wait that is for mailmen.

When pure polly is in trouble I am not slow, wait that is for underdog.

What we got here is a failure, wait that is cool-hand-luke.

OF COURSE I AM GOING! (that is from Jim's Running Bible!)

I like to think that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. The stormy weather, complete with 40 mph gusts, was really bad for driving but turned out to be just fine for trail running. After something like the Hell Run a little rain, wind and mud isn't really a problem. It was actually quite warm for a late November evening and I decided shorts were in order.

When I arrived at TB Blaine and Jeff had already been out for a few miles and confirmed that one of the twin brooks was flooded and impassable. To be honest I was tempted to try but decided that I would save my death wish for another day. Jim joined us and we headed off into the woods where we hardly noticed the rain, except that which had soaked the trails all day long. After about a mile Blaine dropped out, I think due to a calf issue, I think he said something about cooking veal for dinner but it was hard to hear with all the splashing and mud squishing.

Jim asked if the pace was faster than usual but Jeff reported the pace was normal, it was just the 5 extra pounds of water he was carrying that made the run feel harder. That and the fact that we were running through either standing water or thick mud at all times. After complaining about chest pains and other life threatening concerns (but not the weather) Jim decided to go home and cut up a fallen tree that had blown over in the storm. Oh yeah, I should also mention that the trails were strewn with fallen tree branches which we had to dodge or hurdle and hope that no more fell on top of us.

After Jim left Jeff and I picked up the pace a bit, either that or the wind was on our backs. We ran for another 15-20 minutes just to make sure we didn't leave TB with any dry patches on our clothes. I thought the run felt great and I really enjoyed it, in fact I think it was the best I felt running since before the Stone Cat Marathon. I hope it lasts.


Jamie said...

"I like to think that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing."

Great quote chock full of wisdom. Glad you felt on. It's a nice feeling.

mindy said...

Very impressive. What kind of headlamps do you guys use for those runs? I'd like to get a nice lamp and try and join you guys out there soon if I can make it after work.

Trail Monster Running said...

I used to just use a Petzl Tikka Plus which works pretty good. The Tikka XP is brighter and has an adjustable lense. This week I used my Petzl MYO XP around my waist which works great for cutting through fog/rain without illuminating the crap right in front of your face. I removed the head strap from the MYO XP and attached it to a triathlon number belt which has a buckle/clip thingy making it easier to get off and on around my waist.

Aurora said...

The last time it rained this bad, my dad and I had to spend the night at your dad's house because our car was hydroplaning on the road. Isn't it funny how a person can handle that kind of weather so much better than a vehicle?

"Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, [the Trail Monster] has fought his way here..." Oh, wait, that's The Labyrinth.

Blaine Moore said...

They were certainly some fun conditions, but it wasn't worth running on my calf. I don't know what I might have said, but I'm pretty sure that it had nothing to do with cutting veal.

I'll see you guys next Tuesday.

middle.professor said...

I thought blaine left because he got a call from his cat. But it was hard to hear with the rain...