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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Politics

Since I obviously have a lot of respect for the well carved pumpkin I thought I'd share this one that I found:

Actually I came across this picture on a write-up about the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon that Jim pointed out to me. So there is actually a legitimate connection to trail running. And we were talking about this race while running at Pineland today.

Since the Halloween run and post race festivities turned into a pretty late night last night I decided to sleep in late and meet Jim and Blaine for a run at Pineland at 10:00 am. My ankles were a little sensitive from all the twisting and rolling on the rocky terrain last night but in general I felt pretty good. The trails were busy with a cross country meet on the Oak Hill trails and dryland sled dog event on the River Loop so we had to choose our route carefully. We did get to see a few folks set off in the sled dog event, 4 exceptionally athletic looking dogs pulling custom built chariots built out of mountain bikes. Pretty wild, I wish we had a camera with us.

About 40 minutes into the run my right knee started to bother me a bit, and by 50 minutes it had turned into a slight pain. Jim and I decided to call it a day after about 6.4 miles at a 8:49 pace, Blaine continued on for a few more miles. The knee feels fine now but it does give me a little concern since it's only a week until the Stone Cat Marathon. Time to really taper.

1 comment:

Sparkplug said...

Nice pumpkin :-)

And sounds like the Halloween run was a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll be able to make their next event.

Have a good taper week -take care of your knee- and good luck at Stone Cat!