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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Makes You Strong

Tonight Ian, Jim and Erik showed up at Twin Brook for an attempt at the regular winter loop. Not sure what to expect with all the recent fallen snow I wore my Atlas Run snowshoes, Erik had his snowshoes and Jim was in his Inov-8 Flyroc's.

It turned out that most of the trails had been groomed, the town is very good about getting out as soon as the snow falls to look after their trails, and conditions were great for skiing as was evident by all the headlamps we saw gliding along in the distance. We had to break trail on a few short sections of the northern part of the route and we debated whether or not the snowshoes made it any easier, when the snow isn't very deep there isn't much benefit to snowshoes. But snowshoe running does give you one hell of a workout.

Lately I have been thinking about Gore-tex footwear for winter running. Generally I have always thought that it isn't possible to prevent water from getting into your shoes (at least not the way I run) so I want to be sure that whatever does get in can get out just as easily. The one place Gore-tex does seem to make sense to me is when running in the snow. My feet never got cold tonight but after I finished I noticed that my socks were wet from the melted snow. If anyone had experience with Gore-tex or other "waterproof" footwear I'd be interested to hear what you think.

time: 1:00:26
distance: 5.7 miles
pace: 10:35


Anonymous said...

Nice pace. My tongue would have been dragging. And hopefully Jim did not leave too many holes in the ski course.

Jim said...

Actually I did. :-( You can ask Ian, usually I am really adamant about NOT running on the xcountry ski trails. Last year I made us do loops on the North side, never coming over to the main loops. But I was lazy on Tues and so didn't push the issue.

Anonymous said...

As for GoreTex, I am found of the North Face Enduras BOA. The North Face Ultra 103 are also GoreTex, but have traditional laces and are a little more stiff. Both are very warm in cold temperatures.