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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday Night at TB

Monday night I was x-c skiing at Riverside Golf Course in Portland and after the rain/sleet crap that we got on Sunday evening the conditions were pretty lousy for classic skiing, but I still managed to get in 5 miles. Tuesday I brought my snowshoes to Twin Brook and planned to run a similar route as the previous week by heading over to Val Halla golf course. Chuck was there with his snowshoes, Andrew in trail shoes with Yak Trax, and Jim in his old pair of Flyrocs which I'm now convinced he wears just so he has something to complain about. There was a bit of debate about who had the advantage on the ups vs. the downs but by the end everyone seemed to agree that this snow running is tough business no matter what you've got on your feet. There wasn't much snowmobile traffic at Val Halla since the new fallen snow so our trail options were limited and we ended up turning back earlier than expected.
When we finished the run we noticed that Erik had showed up, apparently delayed in trafffic, and was still out there running. We also bumped into Floyd and Jeff who were meeting for a ski. It's amazing how many people show up to use these trails in the winter, too bad we all have to park outside the gate to avoid getting locked in.
I've been trying out some of the options for displaying GPS data from my runs. I haven't figured it all out yet but there is some cool stuff that you can do. The image above is taken from Google Earth, which is pretty cool in and of itself but when you overlay a run route you can view stats at each mile split, and if you were somewhere with real elevation you could do a fun fly-through. Below is a link to the Motion Based website where you can view stats from the run and watch the run in action on the Map Player. Well, you can watch a dot in action, you still have to use your imagination.

(From the Motion Based site click on the 'PLAYER' tab)

Check this out! You can view this activity online at MotionBased. The Map Player is especially cool because a 'Dot' simulates the movement on a map (You just need to download the Adobe SVG Viewer).

View Activity
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey...thanks for the snowshoe running tour on Tuesday night. I am pretty sure I subjected myself to a slight stress fracture in one of my ribs. Still sore as a bastard when I twist and touch the rib in question. To think, my second injury due to tripping this year.