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Saturday, December 22, 2007

11 1/2 miles and a cold six pack

Erik and I met at Bradbury this morning and set off up the Tote
Road Trail to the summit of Bradbury Mountain. Although it was warmer than last week it still felt cold when we started, but after a few minutes of uphill running we both began to warm up and it wasn't long before I had to remove a layer. I snapped a few photos at the top and then we made our way back down along the Northern Loop Trail. We then crossed the road and ran a loop of the Knight Woods Trail which only took us up to 4 miles even though we'd been out for over 45 minutes. There had been some snowmobile traffic on the trails but things were still quite soft underfoot.

Erik decided to head home, saying that he would attempt another run later in the day. I continued on with another loop of Knight Woods and then on to the Snowmobile Trail leading northwest out of the park. I was determined to get in at least 2 hours of running this morning, I made it as far as Brown Road in Durham before turning around and heading back. This was when I noticed a strange phenomenon: there was a build-up of ice on my shirt over my stomach. I'd never experienced this before. For some reason the sweat coming off me was concentrating on that part of my shirt and freezing solid. Weird.

On the way back I crossed paths with a few groups of friendly snowmobilers who were doing a good job getting the trails groomed for my final few miles. I attempted to pick up the pace but with the hills I was still getting some splits that were slower than 10 minute miles. I did manage to pull off my fastest split of the day on the last full mile: 9:21!

When I got back to my car and changed my shirt I noticed my stomach was bright red from the ice pack I had been wearing.

time: 2:05:08
distance: 11.61 miles
pace: 10:46
heart rate: 155/184

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