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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pineland Moonlight Run

It was Ian, Randy, Shauna and Jim for the full moon run at Pineland on Saturday night. Although the moon was up there was a thin cloud cover that dulled the glow, nevertheless we had a good run. The route we took was the same as the course for the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge minus the field loops. The result was 12.5 miles in 1:57:39, average pace 9:25.

During the run we jumped two deer who were settled down next to the trail, spooked a wild turkey who was sleeping in a tree, and although we didn't see them we could certainly smell the cows.

Jim decided to do the whole run in shorts and a t-shirt, and he even managed to break a sweat resulting in the need for a beer immediately upon finishing... or did he?


Anonymous said...

Man, how does Jim do that. I would be freezing my butt off. Let's see if he can pull that off tomorrow night at Twin Brooks. It is looking to be 36 F and rainy. He will need more than beer to warm himself up.

Trial Monster Running said...

Ahh, the magic of Photoshop! Jim was actually dressed appropriately for the cold weather on Saturday night, and although he wanted a beer after the run we didn't bring any. Jim took the photo of me, Randy and Shauna. I photoshop'd Jim in from a picture that Jamie took during the Beast Run in June which explains the shorts, the sweat and the beer.

I'm glad I fooled a few people, I know you weren't the only one Chuck.