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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stone Cat 50 Mile and Marathon

Congratulations to all the Trail Monsters who ran the Stone Cat 50 Mile and Marathon Trail Races this weekend!

Erik Boucher, first 50 miler: 11:08:53
Ian Parlin, first 50 miler: 10:10:03
James Demer, 37.5 miles: 7:36:55
Emma Barclay, first female marathon finisher: 3:51:01
Shauna Baxter, first trail marathon: 4:55:01
Rachel Landry, first trail marathon: 5:02:51
Theresa Patten, first trail marathon: 5:38:57


BIG thanks to Jamie for your help on race day, thanks also to everyone who helped us with with support and encouragement before the race.

Race report up soon, hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent job to all the Trail Monsters. Rest up and hope to see you back out on the trails soon.