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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming but it isn't here yet. That's my opinion. There's still too much snow and not enough mud to feel like spring.

Saturday morning I met Chuck, Blaine, Erik and newbie Trail Monster Carter at Bradbury. Although it had been pretty warm all week the previous couple of nights were cold enough to freeze things pretty solid so at 8 am we had good firm conditions for running. Emma had been out at Bradbury a few days before for a 24 mile run and found the trails to be much like cold mashed potatoes, but we got lucky today.

We started the run with a lap of the Fat Ass course on the mountain, and despite my original plan to start out easy we actually ran the loop faster than any of my other attempts during the previous few weeks. This was partly due to good conditions, but we also blazed down the 1/3 mile Terrace Trail at a pretty aggressive pace.

From there we crossed the road and headed north on the Snowmobile Trail out of the park to the power lines. I had wanted to get in 20 today so planned to turn at 8 miles out (12 total), but we reached a convenient spot to turn just before then and I didn't feel the urge to be that precise today. Maybe because Blaine and Carter were pushing a slightly faster pace than I would have set myself for that distance.

On the way back we could definitely feel it warming up but the trail conditions didn't deteriorate too quickly, I was thankful for this since the 2 mile gradual uphill back to the park can be cruel if the trails are too soft. I had thought about throwing in another lap of the Fat Ass course when we returned to the park but felt done by the time we got there. With only a week until the FA I dind't want to push too hard if my body was telling me not too, I'll save that for next weekend.

time: 3:04:30
distance: 19.61
pace: 9:24

weather: 23-33 degrees, clear sky, cold to start, felt very warm at end

conditions: hard packed snow, some ice

gear: Inov-8 Roclite 315 with screws, wool socks, tights, 2x long sleeve tops (1 removed), thin gloves, buff, Nathan HPL #020

1 comment:

pathfinder said...

Sounds like a great run. I eneded up in Mass this weekend and had a great trail run (on spring like trails)

The terrain was similar to Bradbury East side with perhaps a bit less mud.

It sure felt good to trail run with no snow!!