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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evening Flat

After work I headed out for my second run of the day, not feeling as fresh as I would have liked but I thought I could get in two laps of back cove. The weather was great, I love running when it's in the 50's. Everything was going well but about halfway around Back Cove I could feel a hot spot developing on the ball of my right foot, just behind my big toe. I've had this problem before wearing Vibrams on Back Cove, and it turned into full fledged blisters then, so I decided to finish after just one lap to keep my foot from getting messed up.

I wore my Vibrams to the TMR TNR this week, the second time I've done this and everything was fine then. It seems that the softer surface, and probably the irregularity as well, of TB is a lot easier on the soles of my feet. Back cove is too firm, too regular and leads to too much friction. Or something like that. I guess I'll stick to proper shoes on BC for a while, and wear the Vibrams on proper trails.

time: 29:00
distance: 3.8 miles
pace: 7:37

weather: sunny, upper 50's

gear: Vibram Five Finger KSO, shorts, t-shirt, hat

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