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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wettest Run Ever.

This week's Trail Monster Running Tuesday Night Run (TMR TNR) was, without question, the wettest run ever. As if the steady rain wasn't enough the mud pits, knee deep puddles and river crossing ensured there wasn't a dry spot on anyone. Despite the "bad" weather we had a good turnout that included Emma (making her first appearance at a TNR in months), Jim, Chuck, Jeff, Alan and Four.

Emma, Jim, Alan, Four and I followed the regular 5.5 mile route with 1.25 miles of barefoot running through the playing fields. There's nothing quite like the feeling of mud between the toes to put a smile on your face.

time: 1:01:43
distance: 6.9 miles
pace: 8:56

weather: steady rain, low 60's

conditions: saturated muddy trails, big puddles

gear: Inov-8 Mudroc 280, Wright Socks, shorts, t-shirt, hat


pathfinder said...

That's one thing I haven't tried running.

middle.professor said...

Yep. Even the Tuttle road side finally succumbed to the endless rain and gave us some mud. *That* is wet.

middle.professor said...

...and I could have joined you for the barefoot cooldown as my drinking buddy was 10 min. late.