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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scuffle Prep

This morning at 7 am I met Blaine at Bradbury for a run on the Scuffle course. We pretty much ran the second half of the race in reverse since I wanted to check out a few bridges that were reported to have been damaged. One had been fixed already and the other was still in bad shape, but the park staff assures me this will get repaired before the race tomorrow. We ran to the park boundary on the Snowmobile trail to where the aid station is going to be located and then checked out a shortcut for the volunteers to take to get there. We decided to take the quickest way back to the parking lot to get back by 8 to meet the other volunteers who were going to help us mark the course. We got in a 5 mile run and got to see what I have to believe is the wettest, muddiest most puddliest part of the trail in the whole park, and the race course is going right through it!

Jeremy, Jim, and Dave showed up at 8 to help mark the course, we split up and got the whole thing done in about two hours. Thanks for your help guys!

Although I wanted to run the course to check up on the marking (not that I don't trust them, I just like to be sure it all flows together well) Jim wanted to run a lap of the mountain so I decided to run the race course later and joined Jim for some hills. The Boundary Trail definitely has some excellent mud but still not as good as what's on the Scuffle course.

I'll go back out later this afternoon to run the whole race course to make sure none of those bikers riding on closed trails mess with the course marking. I'm looking forward to the race, with a little rain expected overnight tonight things should be nice and sloppy for the run. Chris would love it.

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