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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowshoe Run Cut Short

I had plans for a 15 mile snowshoe run this Saturday, but because I was stupid I ended up with just over two miles of running, then turning around and walking back. Last week when I was running with Erik, Valerie and Nate we found a car key on the packed snowmobile trail about two miles out from the main parking lot at Bradbury. We picked up the key and turned it in to the Park Ranger, and hopefully it got back to the owner.

This week I was determined to get in a good long run despite the fact that we were in the middle of a substantial snow storm. The roads were pretty crappy first thing Saturday morning but the trails were good for snowshoeing with 3-4 inches of fresh snow on top of the previously packed base. Erik (with Django) and Lily (with Echo) braved the bad driving and joined me today. Everything was going good, slow, but good, until we got to that same spot where we had found the car key last week. This prompted me to double check that my car key was still zipped up tight in the front pocket of my Nathan vest. It wasn't. I stopped, panicked, checked all my pockets and panicked some more.

Erik and Lily were nice enough to walk back with me and help me look for my key, which was a futile task given the amount of powdery snow on the ground, the fact that it was continuing to fall quickly and that the two miles of tracks I made on the way out were totally churned up by the two people and two dogs behind me. I don't know why we even wasted our time, but we all walked back to the park with our eyes to the ground and me cursing (myself) under my breath.

After combing through the snow around my car for a few minutes I finally accepted that the one and only car key I have was lost I called AAA and waited. I figured I'd probably find the key next summer while out running the Scuffle course. Sonuvabitch. About 45 minutes after calling AAA they called back to let me know they weren't able to get a hold of a locksmith, but while I was on the phone, standing next to my car kicking up the snow I found my key. It must have fallen out of my pocket while I was putting on my snowshoes. What an idiot.

I felt guilty for spoiling Erik and Lily's run, and I really appreciate their help looking for my key. I suppose I could have gone back out and finished my run, but by this time I just wanted to get home. I'd save the long run for tomorrow.

time: 1:02:45
distance: 4.43 miles
pace: 14:09

weather: upper 20's, snowing

conditions: 3-4" of fresh powder over a packed base

gear: Atlas DT snowshoes, Brooks Cascadia 3, Smart Wool socks, OR gaiters, tights, 2x long sleeve top, mittens, buff, Nathan HPL #20


pathfinder said...

Reminds me of when I lost my key while running the 25K at Pineland two years ago.....forgot to zip up my pocket. I didn't have the strength to walk the 25K and search for it....never did find it and my cell phone was in the truck, but I did hide a spare in my truck for the next time I did something so stupid........Haven't done it since.

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