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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10k Commute

I missed the TMR TNR last night so I decided to get two runs in today by running to and from work. Interestingly (or not) it works out to be exactly 10km from door to door. Despite the fact that I have always felt betting running in the evenings than first thing in the morning every time I have run to and from work I've been slower coming home. This may have something to do with the elevation profile, mostly up coming home. The roads were in pretty crappy shape, lots of ice and gnarly-icy-crusty-snowy irregularities. Screw shoes help but the exposure to clean pavement wears the screws down quickly. As I up my training over the next month I'd like to run to and from work at least once a week. We'll see.

Getting to Work

time: 48:42
distance: 6.2 miles
pace: 7:51

Coming Home

time: 50:15
distance: 6.2 miles
pace: 8:06

weather: low 30's both times

conditions: ice and crusty snow on roads

gear: Brooks Cascadia 3 with screws, Smart Wool socks, tights, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, buff, mittens, EMS Mantis pack (carrying a change of clothes and lunch)

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