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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had a pretty big group at Twin Brook this evening, starting out with James, Chuck, Jim, Blaine, Erin and newbie Molly, who didn't complain after the initiation stream crossing so looks like she'll be a good fit. Later in the run late arrival Four joined us and then we passed even later arrivals Erik and Yana who were going the opposite direction.

Blaine and I were the only ones to take in any of the sprint lines, although we really didn't go that hard, especially Blaine who could have run away from me if he wanted to but chose not to. I was still feeling some effects of the Hell repeats from Sunday so didn't want to run too hard tonight, I'll save it for the Back Cove Weekly 5k Wednesday after work. My first one of the season went well last week, now I have to work even harder to see if I can beat that time. Ugh.

After the run James and I made a plan for Saturday, run all three races from the Bradbury Mountain Trail Running Series in succession. The O-Trail is tough enough at the end of the 12 mile Bruiser, it should be a blast at the end of a 27 mile trip around all three race courses!

time: 48:28
distance: 5.56 miles
pace: 8:43

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