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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sore Ass

After the Ultra Xtreme Bradbury Badass run I needed a nice easy recovery run. The weather was lousy and I was busy around the house so I decided to go for a loop from home around the Portland peninsula rather than venturing out to the trails. I actually don't mind running in the rain but it does make the brick sidewalks of Portland slippery. About a mile into my run I stepped on a manhole cover going downhill and took a nice fall landing on the right side of my ass. Nothing major, just some road rash and a bit of dirt. I actually thought it was funny that I could run for 5 hours at Bradbury without incident and 8 minutes into my run from home I end up slipping and falling on my ass.

Apart from the fall this was just what I needed to get my legs losened up.

time: 52:41
distance: 6.45 miles
pace: 8:10

1 comment:

Erik Boucher said...

I think your body is telling you that you're alergic to paved roads. Maybe a sore ass will learn you. Ice or rain screw shoes are the way to go.