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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preview of Bradbury Trail Races

Bradbury Scuffle - 6 Miles - June 15th
Bradbury Mountain Breaker - 9 Miles - August 10th
Bradbury Bruiser - 12 Miles - September 14th

Videos by Peter Buchanan


Jamie said...

Very cool. Oh yeah, the Blair Witch called, she wants her video footage back. :-)

Sparkplug said...

Darn! We were hoping the Bruiser might be in October again this year. We'll be away hiking that week, and will have to miss it :-( But hopefully we can fit the other races into our schedule :-)

Anonymous said...

I felt like a scared rabbit with Peter chasing me down with that camera. Very creepy.

Pathfinder said...


I just signed up for the 6 miler and the 9 miler....not sure my scedule will work for the 12 or even if I could do it! We will see.

Do you think there is any danger of the 12 miler filling up to the 160 cap? If so, perhaps I should sign up in leu of schedule.

Please encourage some slow runners to sign I won't have to run alone!!!!

Loni said...

Ahh bummer I was hoping for October for the 12 miler to. Every race conflicts with other races at the moment:(

Trail Monster Running said...

What races do these conflict with? I though I was pretty careful about choosing dates. However, with a 5k fundraiser race every weekend around here it's hard not to conflict with something. But I did make an effort to avoid any other trail races in the area.

Pathfinder said...

My schedule problem can probably be resolved ......What is sufering is confidence in my capability. I figure I will know where I stand once the 25K, the 6 and the 9 milers are behind me.

Loni said...

Yeah no major race conflicts. Travel time puts a damper on my plans to. Just bad luck on my part :) Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge,VT, is the day before the 6 miler.
XTERRA Stoaked Race #3 of the Western New Hampshire Trail Running Series is a day before the 9 miler.
Pisgah Mountain, 23K or 50K, NH Should be on Sep 14th...?? there is a real lack for info on that race this year. We'll see what happens, my race plans always seem to change:) And thank you for these races it is a great place to run!

UltraFlash said...

Great video! Thanks for posting and for putting on these races!

Banks said...

The Scuffle was awesome this weekend. Thanks for the great weather, and the great trail. I had a mud spackled smile on for most of the race. Can't wait till the next one.