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Monday, April 21, 2008

Presumpscot River Run

Tonight I ran at along the Presumpscot River in Portland from Summit Street. This is my favorite trail in Portland so it was great to get back out on it for the first time this year. The trails were remarkably dry, with only the occasional patches of snow/ice that were easy enough to avoid.

Water in the Presumpscot River was still pretty high from all the snow melt and the Presumpscot Falls were roaring. Portland Trails had clearly been out there recently creating drainage ditches, building bridges and filling in a few washed out areas. Nice work!

There was something a bit wrong with my Garmin tonight. I'm pretty sure the mileage was off because as I was running it told me I was doing close to 10 minute miles for most of my splits and I know it was a lot quicker than that. When I uploaded my data to SportTracks it also told me that I hit a point 350 ft below sea level, I don't think so. I also know that the first and last mile were run on exactly the same trail but there is a big deviation in the routes that were recorded. I hope it sorts itself out, maybe it got confused after the trip to Virginia.

time: 52:38
distance: 5.7 miles
pace: 9:11

1 comment:

Liz said...

Hey, I love this trail, just ran on it this morning. It was beautiful! :)