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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Nights Faster

Our Tuesday night runs at Pratt's Brook Park in Yarmouth are getting faster every week. I don't think it's intentional, at least not on my part, but that seems to be what's happening. I guess now that we're all starting to get to know the new route it's easier to move faster.

I was surprised to find that there weren't any significant lingering effects from my previous weekend's running (45 miles in three days) so I was happy to move along at what felt like a fairly quick pace. I've been bringing both my dogs out on Tuesday nights recently, so maybe it's their fault for setting a faster pace. I had run the route with them a few times during the day before taking them out at night in hopes that they would learn the route and spend less time out ahead exploring during our night time runs. They seem to do well following the route, it's the rest of us that need to be on top of things to make sure we go the right way. Despite running there for about two months now we still make wrong turns every now and then.

All in all a great run and I was really happy that the jump up to a 50k didn't kill me.

time: 47:35
distance: 5.35 miles
pace: 8:54

weather: upper 30's

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