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Friday, January 20, 2012

Breaking Trail

Part one of preparing for the snowshoe race that I'm not really training for was running the course 4 times in two weeks, part two was getting out and actually running in my snowshoes. Yesterday's run almost doesn't count as a snowshoe run because the snow was so hard packed. Today was a different story thanks to about 6" of fresh powder falling overnight.

So I say that I'm not training for the snowshoe race, I guess all that means is that overall my training is leading up to something much bigger, and there will be a number of smaller races along the way that I'll do as part of my training for the Peak 50 miler in May.

There's no such thing as an easy workout when you're breaking trail in snowshoes. Although my pace was slow the effort was significant. I parked at my local Hannaford and jumped onto the River Point Trails, and I wasn't the first person to get out there today but I did make it farther than the other tracks I found. And in this kind of snow one set of tracks doesn't constitute a packed trail.

It was a fun run and felt good to get my local trails packed down a bit.

time: 46:45
distance: 3.77 miles

conditions: fresh light powder over a crusty base

gear: Inov-8 F-lite 300 with Atlas Run snowshoes

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