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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mid-Week Laps

It's the middle of the week so that means laps of Back Cove for me. My weekends are so busy with intense running lately I feel like I need to spend the middle part of the week recovering from one weekend and tapering for the next. I'm falling behind in writing up my weekend runs but I do intend to get to it at some point, so much to say and so little time to write. Last weekend featured the Blackstrap Heaven - The Other Side of Hell "race", which was about as much fun as anyone can expect to have running. Thanks to Jeff for putting this together!

Sunday we headed down to Boston to pace and support John O'Connor during his Quad Boston run. I got in two 13 mile runs in a 10 hour period between 10:45pm and 8:45am during John's middle two marathons. His motivation and determination was truly inspiring to witness and I was honored to play a small part in helping him achieve his goal.

More on those runs later. For the sake of record keeping here's what I got up to recently on the running front.

Wednesday I ran from work for a little more than one lap of Back Cove. I was feeling good enough to go fairly quick but not for very long, still getting caught up from Sunday night's all-nighter.

time: 33:01
distance: 4.44 miles
pace: 7:26 (7:12 fastest mile)

Thursday I went out for the basic two lap run from work at as easier pace.

time: 57:25
distance: 7.47 miles
pace: 7:41

This weekend I plan to do a short (8 mile) easy (9:30 pace) run at Pineland on Saturday and then run my ass off at the Muddy Moose Trail Race on Sunday. I've heard a report that despite the recent rain we got here on the coast of Maine that the trails in Wolfeboro, NH are pretty dry. This comes as a bit of a dissapointment since the main reason for doing this race is the mud, but I guess it means we all should be logging faster times. The one thing that scares me is the potential for hot weather. I haven't run in temps above 52 degrees inthe past 5 months and it looks like it will be in the high 70's on Sunday. Better than the high of 81 that I saw a few days ago...

We've got a good team of Trail Monsters going to the race this weekend which should be a lot of fun.

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Yak Hunter said...

hey ian, easier to get you at trail monsters than on your e-mail! What do you think about August as a time to visit? There's a lot of things we have to work round in Sept and Oct.
I hope Gnarls is still running well and that you have fun at the Muddy Moose.
We're heading off west for a week or so. Should be good if the weather behaves itself.