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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Hash

This afternoon I was trying to decide if I should go into work to chip away at the massive workload that I am going to be faced with this upcoming week or go take part in a Hash Run.

Easy decision.

The start location for this run was about a mile and a half from my home at the Front Room in the East End and the temperature had finally warmed up to positive numbers. I left the house with 13 minutes to get there and it took me 12.5 running at a brisk pace. I saw Jim on the way there who offered me a ride and I offered him a race. I won. He had to find a place to park.

The route took us all over the East End and included more checks and false trails than I'd ever seen before. Since I was fairly consistently the FRB I got in a fair amount of extra mileage at the checks, but that was fun. At the al fresco Beer-Check we were provided with homemade egg nog and as an extra (cruel) treat ice cream cake. Just as the chill was sinking in we set off for more ups and downs along the Eastern Prom and then finally made our way through half a dozen checks to the On-In at the North Star Cafe. Mmmm, Peak Organic Ale.

Hash Runs are happening weekly here in Portland. Check out the Portland Hashers Facebook page for info on upcoming events or e-mail to get on the mailing list.

Hashing is a much better way to spend a weekend afternoon than working.


Anonymous said...

Getting to run, good, second run of the day with beer mixed in, priceless.

Aurora said...

I would eat ice cream cake if I was coming down with hypothermia. That stuff is delicious.

Yay for procrastinating important work!