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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Roasters Run

Emma and I met Jim and Shauna at Maine Roasters Coffee in Falmouth for an 8 mile run. When we moved to Portland in 2004 this was where we first met other local runners, with the Maine Track Club group that meets there on Saturday morning. We haven't been back with that group in a while but it's always nice to go back there for a run once in a while.

The route we chose was pretty hilly, and when we realized we might not make it up to a full 8 miles we threw in an extra trip up and down Town Landing in Falmouth (middle of the elevation profile).

As it worked out the route was actually 8.5 miles, Emma's longest run since the VT50 in September. It's been a long recovery process for her but progress is definitely being made, and it's so nice to be able to run with her again.

time: 1:11:25
distance: 8.51 miles
pace: 8:23

weather: 20 degrees, sunny

conditions: clear roads

gear: Brooks Cascadia 3, wool socks, tights, 2x long sleeve tops, 2x thin gloves, buff, sunglasses


Yak Hunter said...

Glad Emma's on the mend! Don't push too hard too soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Emma is back. Yahoo! And Buff, as in Buffwear? I have three of those, or should used to, I lost one somewhere along the VT100 trek.

See you kids after my trip to the Lone Star State.

Aurora said...

Yaay, Emma's feeling better!

Trail Monster Running said...

Yes. Buff, the "Original Multifunctional Headwear". Emma and I both wear them in the winter. Sometimes 2 if it's really cold, one for head, one for face.

Blaine Moore said...

Glad to hear that Emma's mileage is going up and she's none the worse for wear. Looking forward to getting out on a run with y'all in the near future.