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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running with Bats

Tonight at Twin Brook was our first time meeting at the Greely Road entrance to avoid getting busted by the Cumberland Police as we ran after dark. Jim, Floyd, Jeff, Alan and Chuck all found their way there and we ran a modified version of our usual route which ended up being a little shorter than when we park at the Tuttle Road Entrance. I got 5.2 miles on my Garmin, but Jeff and Chuck both reported 5.4.

I came up with an 8:40 pace but it felt a lot quicker than that, even if my data is off a little bit it looks like we ran each mile progressively faster which turned out to be a good workout. I'm glad to say that I'm feeling very good and mostly recovered from the 50 miler just over two weeks ago. I need to be careful not to do too much training even though I feel good, I'm sure there is still some more recovery to do and I don't want to go into Stone Cat - less than 4 weeks away - feeling tired.

About 5 minutes into the run we came across a bat flying along the trail, after a few dive bombs I assumed it would fly away but it actually went right down the trail ahead of us and we followed it for about half a mile. It, or another bat, appeared later in the run as we were almost finished and again it seemed to lead the way along the trail. In an attempt to find a video with bats I came across this little gem:


Pathfinder said...

Interesting video but somehow it doesn't seem to relate to your bat experience....perhaps the bats were being point man for your group?

sn0m8n said...

Needs more shark repellent.

Anonymous said...

I came up with 5.43 and 8:12 for a pace. And yes Batman, we did speed up each mile, especially at the end where I topped 178bpm on that short/steep climb. Life is good.