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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pineland Night Run

10 of us started at 8pm, but only 3 made it all the way until midnight. Not that it was everyone's intention to go until midnight, that's just the way it happened.

We started by running from the YMCA along the River Loop trail to the Yurt, then through the Valley Farm Trail, and back along the River Loop. From that point on it was really dark and we stuck to doing multiple laps of the Campus Loop.

At the end it was just myself, Emma and Erik. Just like the Fat Ass at Bradbury a few months ago.

time: 3:46:55
distance: 22.6 miles
pace: 10:03


Blaine Moore said...

Hey, I never claimed that I would run until midnight; I only needed an hour or two and got an even 80 minutes. I call that good. Heheh.

It was fun; looking forward to doing it again.

Yak Hunter said...

Who were the three?