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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sticking To The Plan

This morning Emma and I picked up James and met Jamie, Jim and Stephen at Bradbury Mountain State Park. We started out by running the 6 mile Bradbury Scuffle course on the east side trails and then crossed the road to run one lap of the 9 mile Bradbury Mountain Breaker course. The first 6 miles got progressively faster from an 11 minute pace down to sub 8. Once we got onto the mountain trails on the west side the pace was more varied due to the severe ups and downs. There seemed to be some surprise at the incredibly technical course of the Breaker, at least it's appropriately named.

time: 1:41:45
distance: 10.5 miles
pace: 9:41

This evening I headed out around 5:20 pm for my long run. From home I headed over to the Fore River Sanctuary trails and then further out Congress Street to the Stroudwater Trail. It was good to get some trail miles in during the dim, overcast evening light. I finished the run with two laps around back cove. I was going to try to keep my pace for this run under 9 minute miles but the trail sections were pretty slow going and set me back.

time: 3:04:10
distance: 20.1 miles
pace: 9:09


Jamie said...

You will destroy that VT100 course, Kimbo Slice style.

Blaine Moore said...

Looks like a good weekend of running up here.

mindy said...

Nice run. Good to live in a place where you can do an evening 20 miler and get some trails in there as well!