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Saturday, May 10, 2008

BIG Pineland Run

Last week while I was running the 7 Sisters Emma ran with a big group at Pineland. She later suggested that we change our regular meeting place from the small parking lot next to the pond to the larger lot next to the YMCA since our group was outgrowing the small parking area. It was a good thing that we decided to make the move this week since we had a record turnout of runners to join us for a tour of part of the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge race course.

17 people showed up in all, and we stuck together pretty well for the first 3 miles. When we entered the Valley Farm loop the hills started to thin out the group and the numerous felled trees that blocked the trail really got everyone spread out. I have been assured that these trees will be removed before the race which is now only two weeks away. We decided to skip the field loops of the race course since the grass was starting to get a little bit longer. This brought us back to the Grove at about 8 miles and we crossed the road to the Oak Hill trail with the goal of tacking on an additional 2 miles to bring our run up to 10. Somewhere along the way we got distracted, missed a turn and ended up running a little over 11 miles.

It was great to see so many people out there running together, I hope everyone had a good time and found their way around o.k. after the group broke up.

time: 1:40:40
distance: 11.25 miles
pace: 8:57

1 comment:

Blaine Moore said...

Sounds like fun. The plan is to meet up with y'all next weekend and get some trail running in.