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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Bloody Running

Conditions were good for this week's TMR TNR, except for a few booby traps created by the recent warm weather. The plan was to take our regular winter route out to Val Halla, but things got sketchy shortly after we crossed the RR tracks on the way to the golf course. I was running slightly ahead of Blaine, and Jim was right behind him. I headed straight for an icy patch on the trail but when I hit it my left foot broke through and dropped a few inches. To keep myself from falling I got my right foot out in front of me but it came down hard enough to punch deeper through the ice and push my ankle into the rough edge of the broken ice. Jim saw what was happening and in an attempt to avoid the same fate went off trail, which turned out to be an even bigger mistake as he double post-holed up to his knees, with both feet in icy water. His momentum carried his body forward and when he tried to catch himself both his arms post-holed through the snow and into the water below. 

We immediately decided to turn around, and thought Jim would be done but once we were back on solid trails he was fine. Just a little cold and wet. I forgot about my ankle until I got home and changed and was surprised at my bloody sock. That explains why my ankle was a bit sore on the way home. Spring running is dangerous.

time: 48:44
distance: 5.39 miles
pace: 9:03

gear: Inov-8 Oroc 280 with Ice Spikes

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middle.professor said...

can we expect more of the same this tuesday?