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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is this Fall?

Now that the Bradbury Mountain Trail Running Series races are over for the year we're mixing things up on our Saturday runs. This week we decided to return to Pineland, I don't think I've run here since competing in the Barefoot 5k back in May. To be honest I could quite happily run at Bradbury every weekend, I can't get enough single track.

I decided to run the 10k course, lots to do this weekend so I couldn't afford to spend too long running, although if I spent as much time running as I did hanging around talking after the run I could have got in another 6 miles. Oh well. We had a good sized group today including Emma, Jeff, James, Blaine, Erin, Mike, Jeremy, Mary, Erik and first-timers Matt and Steve.

It was unusually warm and humid for an early fall day, this pissed me off a little bit, I hate humidity and I thought we were over it for the year. Despite running in humid conditions all summer long I never seem to get used to it. It's fall now, time for the humidity to bugger off.

I started out a little quick and then slowed down, but looking at the elevation profile it's not surprising that would be the tendency. Emma was planning to race on Sunday so we ran together (at least for the second half of the run) and intentionally took it pretty easy.

time: 57:21
distance: 6.32 miles
pace: 9:05

weather: overcast, mid 60's humid

conditions: wet grass, a little slick in places

gear: Inov-8 X-Talon 190, shorts, t-shirt


middle.professor said...

It only took a day to return to fall. We were all freezing in the chute at the Combat Cancer 10K. I was happy to return to Pineland as I think I prefer the ski trails to the single track. Which is why Libby Hill is a great mix.

pathfinder said...

Bradbury is preferable but still pineland is a nice place to run too.