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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bradbury Repeat

On Saturday I had to miss the scheduled Pineland run due to a family emergency. This past week there have been a number of things going on that took priority over running so going into Sunday I had a weekly total mileage of 6. Between work, getting things organized for Pineland next weekend, something else and a few other things there was no time to run.

Sunday morning I had a window of opportunity and Jim let me know about his plans to run at Bradbury to do the same route that we had run the previous weekend. Joining Jim this morning was Catherine, whom I had only met once before when she passed me during the first Bradbury Bruiser in 2007.

It had been raining a lot over night and fairly steadily on the drive over to Bradbury but the rain let up just as we set off onthe trails. The ground was wet and the trails were puddly but not too bad and it was fun jumping and dodging the water holes as we went along. Or in some cases running right through them.

The funny thing I noticed about not running for most of the week is that I started the run with tight hamstrings that never really let up during the run. It wasn't really a problem and we were able to move along at a reasonable pace. It just seems weird that during my week of lowest mileage, like ever, I would start feeling tightness. I guess I need to run more to keep things loose.

Presumably due to the heavy cloud cover my Garmin ended up giving me a total distance for this run more than 1/4 mile shorter than last week even though it was the exact same route. On single track trails there really isn't much room for varrying the route so I'm going with last weeks distance which results in a faster pace.

time: 1:37:50
distance: 10.21
pace: 9:34

weather: cool and rainy

conditions: wet and muddy trails

gear: Inov-8 Roclite 295, Inov-8 debrisock, shorts, t-shirt, hat, Nathan Handheld bottle

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Sparkplug said...

Ian, hope everything is OK with the family!