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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twin Brook 8

I've been trying to work out a good 8 mile route at Twin Brook the past few weeks with little success. So we have to settle for a sloppy 8 mile route. Oh well, it's still fun even if the route is all over the place.

This week Jim had the brilliant idea of moving the partially broken and often washed out bridge that crosses one of the brooks back in place so we could all cross without getting wet. Of course to achieve this a few of us had to wade through the water dragging the bridge into place. But most people stayed mostly dry. I have to say that I'm a little sad to see the bridge in place because I always thought it was fun to surprise people who were new to TB by making them run right into the brook.

The final result was 8.08 miles at an 8:44 pace, quicker than last week I think, although last week's 8 miler was a little different and this week we stopped to move a bridge so it's hard to compare. Whatever.

And something has happened to the colors of links on my blog, not sure what's up with that but I can't change them back. This happened after downloading a new version of FireFox and then copying and pasting something from Word into the blog. Hmmm...


sn0m8n said...

Not to get all geeky, but it's because the new version of Firefox sucks. That's my technical assessment anyway. Oh, and I swear at some point I/we will make it to a group run.

Trail Monster Running said...

I guess I'm not as computer savvy as you Ryan, could you please put that into layman's terms?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you again. I run at Twin Brook on Monday and going back out there today (Thursday). Will see if I can find your new 8 mile loop.

Also, I like running through the brook. It is 30 inches deep on Monday....I know this as my inseam is 30 inches.

sn0m8n said...

It's all ball bearings these days.

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